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Bluefish in the 5-15lbs range continue to be the main event in Barnegat Bay. Schools so thick they are visibly wrinkling the waters surface with their fins as far as the eye can see. In all my years fishing on the Barnegat Bay I have never witnessed such action or presents of any species!

How long will these fish stay depends on food source and water temps. Fishing is never a "sure thing or guarantee" but the last week or so must be about as good as it gets! I have always made an effort to back my fishing reports with photos but the action has been so torrid that taking pictures has been extremely difficult due to the extreme action, leaving little time to grab my camera.

Today, Sunday the action hit a new level when an angler aboard decided to experiment retrieving just a bare/plain hook "just to see". Well it didn't take more than a few cranks on the reel handle to find out "if it would work" within minutes everyone on board had to confirm for them selves that they too could catch these voracious yellow eyed brutes on just a plain hook!

Open boat and private charters will continue to be available for those who want to get in on this crazy action. Plus, I will be adding 3-hr evening trips 5-8pm Monday thru Thursday [$75.00 pp] and Fridays and Sundays will be available a.m. and p.m.

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